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Our 100w LED Grow Lights made by Prakasa are manufactured to UK standards to ensure the highest quality.  Prakasa LED Grow Lights are amongst the best known brands in the Grow Lights Industry.  All prakasa led grow lights are specifically designed to grow plants efficiently and rapidly using the most effective light spectrums.

Made using the latest COB Integrated LED Lights.  Designed to replace 200w HPS/HID lamps or similar CFL (for guidance). Customers can use the led grow light 100w for all stages of plant growth from seedlings right through to flowering and fruiting.  Ideal for any grow, whether hydroponics or soil based.

Prakasa lights are very easy to operate.  You simply plug the standard detachable UK 3 pin power lead and grow.  A fan on a heatsink helps extend the life of the led grow light. PRAKASA® led grow lights emit very little heat and can save customers around 50% in energy consumption compared to traditional incandescent bulbs or high pressure sodium lamps.  

Our Prakasa led grow lights have names based on the actual real power consumed from the socket.

Beware of other suppliers overstating power output and exaggerating effectiveness of the led grow lights.  Many sellers tend to mislead customers because they promote what the lamp is designed to replace rather than telling you the true power consumption.  

Customers can purchase larger models such as led grow lights 200w and led grow lights 300w.

We recommend you maintain a distance of around 30cm between the lights and your plants to achieve optimum growth.

More Information
Coverage 0.5 @ 30cm
PPFD 391.3 μmol / (m2.s) @ 30cm
Voltage 240v
Spectrum 660nm, 640nm, 440nm, 460nm, 470nm, 525nm, 730nm
Lighting Colour Purple
Lens Angle 90 degrees
Lux Value 6298.3 @ 30cm
Box Content 1 LED Grow Light, 1 UK IEC Power lead, Wire hanging kit
Certificate CE, ROHS
LED Chip Design 64 x 3w COB LED Chip
Power Consumption 100w +/- 5%
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